Jinko solar Battery Package from $9990


10.6KW Solar system with 24 x 440w Jinko N type panels, 10.24kw Jinko SUNTANK Battery Energy Storage System Package*. only $13690*
DJSolar is proud to offer the 24 x 440w Jinko N type mono perc black frame panels, SUNTANK hybrid inverter + 10.24kw battery system package, designed for solar installation with comprehensive, high-performance home solar storage solution.
5kW single phase inverter with 11.6kWp max PV input
10.24kw Jinko battery (Flexible battery option from 2.56kWh to 25.6kWh)
Cobalt-free LiFePO4 battery
Both DC and AC coupling for new and retrofit systems
Smart load management capabilities
EPS output to provide back-up supply
Pre-wired cables for quick installation
Easy install with stacked & modular design
10-year product warranty for both inverter and battery and 25 years production, performance warranty on 440w Jinko N type panels.
(*Tin roof, Single story, roof angle maximum 22 ,no meter board upgrade & within 80km Brisbane)

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