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Australia loves solar power. The country is on a mission to encourage people to start using solar energy. To facilitate that, the country is currently on its mission to establish an affordable and reliable solar energy system as well. We could see lots of restrictions taking place in Australia during the recent past due to COVID-19. Regardless of that, the popularity of solar energy skyrocketed in the country. The demand for solar power in Brisbane clearly proves the above-mentioned fact. DJ Solar, a Clean Energy Council accredited Solar Systems installation company in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast can help you with the Australian Solar Energy Rebate. 

Should you invest in solar panels Gold Coast?

Australian Solar Energy Rebate Solar Panels in Brisbane
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Whether you live on Gold Coast, or anywhere else in the world, this is high time for you to invest your money in solar panels. You will get the opportunity to receive a variety of benefits by making your investment. Hence, no Australian should miss out on the opportunity that is available in front of them.

In case if you are in the market to invest in solar Gold Coast, you will notice how your Facebook feed is flooded with the advertising messages of different solar retailers. All of them are promoting the government subsidiaries. You will be tempted to buy a solar system in Brisbane by going for those offers. Before that, it is worthy to have a basic understanding of the benefits that a solar system Gold Coast offers and the rebate that you can claim. Then you will be convinced to go ahead and invest your money wisely.

What exactly is the government solar rebate?

Most people who invest in solar systems in Brisbane are aware of the government solar rebate. However, there are still many confusions in the minds of people. That’s why we thought of sharing a detailed guide on the solar rebates.

According to o solar rebate Australia, small businesses and households across the country that go ahead and install small-scale solar energy systems can receive a rebate as a benefit. This rebate is offered by the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme. You can use this rebate to cover up a portion of the purchase cost.

If you deep dive and take a look at the rebate, you will figure out that it is nothing but a discount that you can claim on the quote. When you are about to get a solar energy system, you will get in touch with one of the solar installers Gold Coast. Then you can receive a quote. This discount is applicable to the quoted price. Hence, you will end up purchasing your solar system without spending a lot of money. You can receive the rebate or discount in the form of Small Scale Technology Certificates or STCs.

Are STCs and government solar rebates the same?

Australian Solar Energy Rebate Solar Systems in Brisbane
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 This is the most confusing question that people have related to the Australian solar rebate. Small Scale Technology Certificates are pretty much equivalent to environmental credits. You will be able to exchange or trade these certificates for an upfront discount when purchasing the solar energy system. However, you should make sure that you are making the purchase under the Small Scale Renewable Energy Scheme of the government.

Now you know why people interchangeably use the term STC Scheme for the government solar rebate. The STCs that you can get usually contain a dollar value. This dollar value is not a fixed one. It is fluctuating based on the demand that is available for solar installers Sunshine Coast and other parts of the country. Likewise, changes in government and many other environmental factors can create an impact on the dollar value of the STCs.

How do you calculate the value of STCs?

Australian Solar Energy Rebate Solar Panels in Brisbane Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast
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It is better if you can be aware of how to calculate the number of STCs you can get as well. Then you can approach solar panel installers Gold Coast and get the see how much of a discount that you can secure clearly. Calculating the number of STCs you can receive as a part of the rebate is not something difficult. You can do it on your own. Here’s a simple formula that you can use to do it.

The number of STCs you can get = zone rating x number of years left in scheme x kW solar system size

Until the year 2030, the number of years left in the scheme, or the deeming value will reduce. Therefore, the number of certificates that the government rebate issues will be reduced as well. If the number of STCs that you can get is low, you will end up having a lower discount. This is something that you need to be mindful of. In fact, it is a reason why you need to go ahead with solar systems in Brisbane as soon as possible. Then you are eligible to receive the highest possible discount.

As you can see in the above formula, the postcode is another major factor that determines the number of STCs that you can secure. It will calculate the total quantity of the renewable energy certificates that the photovoltaic system will be eligible for upon installation. In every zone, there is a difference in solar radiation levels. That’s the main reason why the government considers your region when determining the number of STCs that you are eligible to receive.

Final words

Now you have a complete understanding of the solar energy rebate that is available for you to grab in Australia. While keeping these facts in mind, you may calculate the number of STCs that you can receive. Then you can reach out to solar panel installers Gold Coast and explain your needs. Based on that, you will end up getting a quote with a discount. You can then make the decision to go ahead and get your solar energy system installed on the roof. Please take a look at the packages we offer at:

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