Should You Get an off-grid Solar System

When you want to invest in solar power in Brisbane, you will have two main options to consider. The first option would be to get a grid-tied solar system. Or else, you may think about investing in an off-grid solar system as well. Both these options have pros and cons. Hence, it is better if you can evaluate them and go for the best option available. To make life easy for you, we will share the pros and cons of getting an off-grid solar system. We are here to help you decide whether should you get an off-grid Solar System.

Benefits of an off-grid solar system

Ability to save money

Should You Get an off-grid Solar System Car Parks are great for off grid solar
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When you get off-grid solar panels in Gold Coast, you will get the opportunity to experience significant monthly savings. Regardless of the initial cost, you will be able to continue saving a considerable amount of money every month. In fact, you will find yourself not spending any money on utilities. However, it is also important to understand that the exact amount you save would vary depending on the nature of the solar system that you have and your location. On average, off-grid solar power Gold Coast can help you save around $100 per month.
If you have net metering, it will be possible for you to sell back energy to your electric company as well. However, you will need to be tied to the grid. In case if you are looking forward to using energy generated on your own, it will still require you to have some ties with the local energy company.

You will not experience blackouts

After the investment on solar Gold Coast, you will never have to deal with blackouts again in your life. Even though blackouts rarely happen on Gold Coast, you should still be prepared for them. Then you can overcome the frustration that you will have to face. This is where an off-grid solar system can help you.
When there is no power in your neighbourhood, you will still have power thanks to the off-grid solar system. Hence, you can overcome the nuisance that power outages can lead you to. You will also be harnessing 100% of your energy requirements from the sun. Hence, you will have power as long as you get sunshine.
Having an in-grid solar system in Brisbane will not provide any blackout protection to you. If there is a power outage in your area, you will not have power. This is something that you should consider before approaching solar installers Gold Coast.

Should You Get an off-grid Solar System? Know the Drawbacks

You will not have a backup power source

After getting one of the off-grid solar systems in Brisbane, you will not have any backup power source. If you wish to keep backups of everything, it will not be the most appealing solution available out there for you to consider.
It is true that making the decision to be independent of the grid is a great one. However, it can still lead you to some major risks. For example, if you lose power due to a problem in the solar system, you will not have any alternative method to consider. You are provided with the responsibility of restoring power as well. This is where you will need to contact solar installers Gold Coast and see if they can help you. You will have to wait until experts come to your location and provide the assistance you want.

Pricing affects your decision of getting an off-grid solar system or not

Pricing drives the decision of whether Should You Get an off-grid Solar System
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Off-grid solar systems in Brisbane would cost you a fortune. If you are trying to buy a solar energy system for your home at an affordable price, it would not be the best solution available out there to consider. You will end up spending a considerable amount of money on the solar energy system.

You can reach out to one of the solar installers in Sunshine Coast and inquire about the price of an off-grid solar system. Then you will figure out how much extra money that you have to pay for it. The main reason why you have to pay extra is that you will be purchasing some additional components along with the solar energy system. For example, you will be spending your money on a battery, which continues to store energy that your solar panels generate. You will be consuming the energy stored in these batteries at night time, especially when the solar panels cannot generate any.

Limited storage

When it comes to an off-grid solar system, you will have to deal with storage limitations as well. It is true that you will have a power backup. But still, you will have limited storage to store energy. If you have to deal with cloudy weather for a few days, you will end up running out of stored electricity. This can lead you to many problems, as you don’t even have a backup option to consider.

You should focus more on energy efficiency

Should You Get an off-grid Solar System
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After getting an off-grid solar energy system from one of the solar panel installers Gold Coast, you should focus more on energy efficiency as well. For example, you should be extra careful about the way how you are using household energy. If you don’t do this calculation correctly, you will end up not having enough energy to power up your home.

Final words

As you can see, an off-grid solar system in Brisbane provides both benefits as well as drawbacks. It is up to you to evaluate both benefits and drawbacks carefully. Then you can figure out the best solution that is available to consider. In other words, you should ask the main motivation for you to go ahead with getting an off-grid solar system. Once you have an answer to that question, you can get in touch with DJ Solar, one of the leading solar installers Gold Coast and explain the need. Then you can get your preferred solar energy system installed.

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