Tesla Plans a 20GW Storage Target in Australia

As you already know, Tesla is the largest electric vehicle manufacturing company out there. On top of that, you can also call Tesla the biggest battery storage developer.

Tesla Plans a 20GW Storage Target in Australia

Tesla: Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Recently, Tesla announced it Plans a 20GW Solar Energy Storage Project in Australia. Along with that, Tesla ensured that Australia has sufficient dispatchable power in order to transit to renewable energy. In other words, this will provide all the support needed by Australia when it is trying to use solar energy and wind energy to cater to most of the energy requirements. Along with these measures, solar energy will certainly get more attention in the country. Hence, you can think about investing in solar power in Brisbane as well. You will then be able to experience all benefits coming on your way.

What made Tesla invest in the solar energy targets of Australia?

The federal parliament of Australia made an inquiry from Tesla, as there was a requirement to proceed with dispatchable energy generation. Multiple companies were shortlisted for proceeding with this requirement, and Tesla was selected as the most appropriate one. That’s mainly because only a company such as Tesla is capable of delivering sufficient storage capabilities for the people in Australia. No other brand would be in a position to cater to the requirement in a similar way.

There is a high demand for solar panels in the Gold Coast and other parts of the country. Hence, there should be a reliable supplier, who can provide all the support needed for the solar energy transition of the country. Tesla comes into play as a great service provider to cater to all these requirements. Once this project is implemented, it will benefit all people in Australia, including the homeowners who invest in solar power Gold Coast.

When you deep dive and take a look at this initiative by the Australian government, you will notice how it is linked with multiple challenges. For example, there is a need to have quality batteries for the storage of electricity. A brand such as Tesla can help in overcoming these challenges. Hence, ensuring success with solar Gold Coast and other parts of the country will not be a challenge for the government.

Storage of electricity on batteries delivers modular, fast, and scalable deployment profiles. It is possible to deploy them at any given location within the network. It is even possible to deploy them in Brisbane and support people who invest in a solar system in Brisbane. On the other hand, batteries will have a lower carbon footprint when compared to pumped hydro projects and gas projects.

Batteries would act like wires

on Solar Park Photo by Zbynek Burival on unsplash.com

As of now, we are under-utilizing the power generation sources available out there. Along with the introduction of batteries, we will be able to overcome that problem. That’s because it will be possible for us to use batteries for the storage of energy. The need for Peaker Plants will decline with newer batteries. That’s because the grid will be able to store power that is generated from solar panels when there is surplus production. Energy stored in the batteries will discharge when there is peak demand. Batteries will also contribute towards the betterment of transmission infrastructure.

One of the biggest benefits that the Australian government can get out of implementing batteries in place is the ability to stay away from constructing new transmission lines. On the other hand, batteries can be super-helpful when the main grid is not dealing with a shortage of power. This would add value when compared to wires, which are meant only for transmitting power.

When the Australian government saves money, the general public can experience the benefits that come on their way in the long run. For example, the government will be able to provide more grants for the people who wish to install a solar system in Brisbane. You can reach out to a solar installer and see how much you can get as a grand when getting your solar system Gold Coast. We can expect that grant to increase in the future. This will be beneficial for solar installers of Gold Coast as well.

Battery leadership of Australia will continue during next years as well

Tesla Power Wall Photo by Unknown on tesla.com

Australia is one of the leading countries that use battery technology for harnessing solar energy. At the time of getting one of the solar systems Brisbane, you may take a look at the way how Australia is getting the most out of batteries. This may even tempt you to get in touch with one of the solar installers Sunshine Coast for the installation of an off-grid solar energy system.
It seems like Tesla has made the right decision to work with Australia for implementing their battery technology. The country has seen booming solar and wind production and we can see hold the old coal plants are on their way to retirement. This creates excellent grid volatility. That’s because renewable energy generation would wane and wax. However, it can also create some challenges for the transmission network, which is hugging the coastal population belt. For example, a certain state could have excessive wind energy at a given time, but it will not be in a position to transmit energy to a neighbouring state.

Tesla will address all these issues when they implement the new technology. It will open doors for many other opportunities as well. You can call this one of the groundbreaking projects that take place in the country as of now. As you try to install solar panels with the help of the best solar panel installers Gold Coast, it is worthy to be aware of these advancements as well. Then you will know what to expect in the future in terms of energy generation.


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